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I’m a photographer who’s from Taiwan and have just arrived Seattle. As you can see, my collections don’t have much western style church stuff but Taiwanese traditional weddings, but I can tell that if you take a look of my collections more seriously you can see the skills I got. I have varies photography experiences in many kinds of situation.

I have won an award of excellence in Taiwan Photomarathon competition in 2011, also I have a photo which has been selected in National Geographic website daily dozen collection.

I believe that photography is a part of my life, I enjoy taking pictures and sharing with others. To cherish every moment of our lives and record them by camera. Hopefully you will enjoy my works, and please feel free to contact me anytime.


Tel: 1-626-203-1147  |  Mail:

Feel free to check out more:
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  1. Livia 說道:

    你好,我是Livia ,我也是從台灣來的,你還在西雅圖嗎?
    假如你有興趣的話,我們可以用方便一點的方式聯繫像是fb或we chat, line, message 之類的。

    1. johnsmtsai 說道:

      已寄信給您^^ 謝謝


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