MJohns Photography Workshops

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  1. Jay Chang 說道:

    Hey man, I am in love with your photographs you are talented and passionate, I thank you for that. I’m so happy to know somebody who truly pursuit their passion. One thing that is preventing me from enjoying your photos fully is the logo on the bottom of every photographs, I know its for branding purposes, but the logo is blocking the flow of the eyes, I found my eyes stop at the logo every time I look at it. I believe your whole purpose of sharing photographs online is for people to enjoy your work, and that logo my friend isn’t doing you any good. Coming from a visual designer I really hope you take my advice, I’ll be sooooooo happy if you do 🙂 Great job my friend. I really hope to see you again.. we met in Seattle like 8 years ago, you probably don’t remember me, but hey I’ve been following your photo journey.

    1. MJohns 說道:

      Hi, I do remember you. Thanks for your advise and I will take that. Thanks a lot, and maybe one day you can design a better one for me;) I hope you are doing well, keep in touch.



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