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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation.

Do I need pet insurance?

Pet insurance is not required, it depends on how your budget for pets are. If your pet is healthy, or mostly indoor, or you are wealthy, maybe pet insurance is not for you. However, if you do not have enough budget when emergency happens, and you don’t want to give up treatment because the crazy expense, then getting pet insurance for your pet is highly recommend. In my opinion, everyone who have pet should get pet insurance, I do recommend you to purchase in any circumstances.


Compare Pet insurance in USA

After comparing multiple pet insurance in USA, I simply choose Healthy Paws for our cat. And here are the pros and cons from I’ve researched:

  • One of the most satisfaction pet insurance (2016, 2017, 2018 Healthy Paws got number one rating among all reviews)
  • Healthy Paws is the only company to offer unlimited lifetime benefits with an annual deductible which helps you get more back over the life of your pet.
    • Many pet insurance has a limited reimbursement, on the other word, it the limit has reached you have to purchase the insurance AGAIN. The problem is that any previous medical record will become “pre-existing condition" and will no longer to be covered, and this will effect the new insurance plan as well
  • They will donate stray animals quarterly (yay)
  • Simply claim by Healthy Paws phone App, good service without hassle, and fast (99% claim is processed within 2 days)
  • Insurance fee is determined by area, but not many other insurance determined by age. In other words, elder pets is benefit purchasing Healthy Paws
  • Healthy Paws is accepted by all licensed vet.


Please note that every insurance has its Policy, please read carefully, especially the NOT COVERED part (page 2 and page 3 is the exclusion and limitations), here are some NOT COVERED listed

  • Veterinary examination fees
  • Injury from an accident that occurs within the first fifteen (15) days following the pet policy effective date.
  • Illness that occurs or recurs within the first fifteen (15) days following the pet policy effective date.
  • Illness related to hip dysplasia that occurs or recurs within the first twelve (12) months following the pet policy effective date.
  • illness or the recurrence of any illness or condition which first occurred or displayed any signs and/or symptoms consistent with the stated illness or condition prior to the pet policy effective date.
  • Dental health care is not covered, unless is caused by accident.
  • Neutering and spaying is not covered.

And again please read the policy carefully if you do care some of the exceptions. There is one cons that I have came up so far and that is

  • Examination fee is not covered

But actually many other insurance is not covering examination fee as well.

Another huge concern is about the rising rate. It is almost guaranteed for every insurance to charge more and more annually, and its just the matter more or less. I will effect by the area your are living and also the new medication publication.

If you feel Healthy paws increase the insurance fee a lot, you should go check out other pet insurance review as I did, some of the pet insurance increase as much as 50%… However, think of the good side, pet insurance won’t be as expensive as human health insurance, if you treat your pet like your child, you should be consider to get pet insurance for your pet seriously.

Is pet insurance really worth it?

On the other hand, many people would think you still pay out of your pocket most of the time for minor illness. Or you still have to pay a certain portion after deductible used up. Is it really worth it? Or maybe you could save a small amount monthly for your pet as a medical expense account, but just you never know when you would need a huge amount of medical expense, accidents doesn’t happen after you prepared. Here is my story (will soon have English version) why I glad I have pet insurance with Healthy paws

In fact, getting insurance is to prevent accidents. In conclude, it doesn’t make too much sense spending excessive time comparing the details of every single insurance, for most of the people or like myself, I just want to buy a perfect insurance and feel protected save the time to be with my cat. So that I choose Healthy paws. No matter you would like it or not, I highly recommend get your instant FREE QUOTE Here. Wish you have a happy life with your pet!

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation

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